MODVATION #DIVERSITYVENTURES needs volunteers: Pre-production and “Day of”.

PRE-PRODUCTION volunteers. Up to 2 months prior.

  • Director of Speaker Relations
  • Media Partner Relations
  • Social Media
  • Press Relations


Be able to start several months prior to the event. Must have solid writing, communication skills. For those interested in working with startups, arts & tech.

Details about pre-production roles:

Director of Speaker Relations:
This person wants to interact with gamechangers, innovators, local distinguished entrepreneurs, investors, working professional artists, creatives, creative business owners, non-profit leaders, visionaries, art activists, producers, networkers, philanthropists, teachers, cultural workers, students, press and highly motivated and resourceful arts enthusiasts.. You will engage with them around 5 to 6 weeks prior to the event. Your job is to get to know them and communicate with them prior to the event.

Social Media and Press:
This person(s) is proficient at putting press releases together and posting social media updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This person has excellent writing skills and is fluent in English. This person has comfort and familiarity with social networks. This person must spend at least 20 minutes daily posting for ModVation one month prior to the event about the event speakers, relevant news and throughout the day of event. Press person should work on at least one press release.

EVENT volunteers. “Day of”

  • Speaker Hosts
  • Stage Hands
  • Ushers
  • Sponsor and Demo Host
  • Stage Manager
  • Social Media


  1. Team call meeting 10 days to 2 weeks prior
  2. Arrival at event ( 2 hours prior to start of the event)
  3. Venue visit (1 month prior – for Usher Lead, Stage Manager, Speaker Host)

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