ModVation Diversity Ventures


MoVation Diversity Ventures Conference is the Hub for Artists innovators and Entrepreneurs – Focusing in the Tech Fashion Arts Music and Film.

ModVation Diversity Ventures Conference is a charity benefit fundraising event for African Arts Academy, designed to be a one day event, for three-hours in the evening, with a keynote speaker, a fireside chat and a panel, similar to Ted Talks, whereas ModVation is about Inspirations Worth Sharing. It is an intimate twilight tech talk and mixer where top influencers, and game changers share their valuable lessons and experiences to inspire others, each year concluding with a unique fashion show featuring the latest in trend, innovation and wearables.

Modvation focuses on the convergence of tech, art, fashion, film and entertainment;

How the Government, Angel Investment Companies and the Silicon Valley is helping the artist community, and art organizations, is it prospering or floundering?

Talks about Inspirations worth sharing from top VC’s, entrepreneurs, artists, community leaders and startups, finding creative ways to  collaborate, and benefit from each other to fit in this new global competitive market.

Copyright issues and more …

We believe in cultural diversity, by bringing people of all colors and cultural background under one roof, making our incredible city of San Francisco, a leader in the nation’s tech and fashion industries, a unique destination for multi-culturally conscious events.

ModVation’s audience is a conglomerations of innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, working professionals artists, creative business owners, non-profit leaders, lawyers, visionaries, art activists, producers, film makers, showbiz industry goers, philanthropists, fashion designers, musicians, models, teachers, students, press and media, highly motivated and resourceful arts enthusiasts. The event will highlight, live entertainment, art show, and networking.


Between the arts, technology, and cultural diversity has always and will always exist an intersection. Growing exponentially, technology has always informed the arts in ever more imaginative ways. From the beginning of humanity, and in every culture, technology has run side by side with artistic inspiration. ModVation is your connection to that culturally diverse and often surprising world. Through art the history of humanity has been traced back to solve some puzzles since the beginning of time, we live and breath art everyday.

ModVation encourages the necessary artistic Entrepreneurship with a conscience in chaotic political and social climates. The ModVation platform is for the emerging artist as well as established artist as they struggle to express their traditions and personal distinction cross-culturally and within diverse economies. Likewise, it’s for all the arts, showcasing them from inspiration, inception, through execution, product design and marketing.

ModVation finds that rich center of the arts, diversity and technology that is hidden just beneath the surface of our everyday lives. ModVation is healing. ModVation raises the awareness and accessibility of startups, artists, and the tech world locally and abroad informing them of the cultural and artistic treasures all around them.

Modvation gives a diverse voice to artists, startups, entrepreneurs, and leaders of both industry and artistic communities.

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